Tango star Miguel Zanotto forsakes Buenos Aires for Manhattan to track down his sister’s killer. He enters the country illegally and uses an alias to audition for a coveted spot in a tango dance company owned by Spanish aristocrat Don Luis de Granada.

Miguel and Aggie Jacobs, a fiery and beautiful New Yorker, are new hires in the company whose starring tanguera, Miguel’s sister, was murdered. Don Luis favors Miguel, lavishing time on him to relate the history of a family who for 600 years has been cursed. Their devastation turns on the forgery of the most perfect Hebrew Bible ever created, the Aleppo Codex.

Miguel’s relationship with Aggie deepens over time, yet he rebuffs her advances, afraid of weakening his resolve for revenge. Don Luis becomes macabre and names the company’s new show Murder by Tango! Miguel fears that Don Luis may be manipulating Aggie in a twisted scheme to enable his own revenge killing. Ultimately, Miguel must battle to avenge his sister’s death and to try and save Aggie’s life.

Read excerpts from Murder By Tango and follow Miguel’s transformation from revenge-obsessed to love-struck: