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"Excellent piece of work— I enjoyed ZEROSCAPE very much! It crackles with inside knowledge, memorable characters, great science, and a terrific sense of place, both of Los Alamos and Santa Fe. Great plot, full of twists and turns and surprises."

#1 New York Times bestselling author

"Michael Gamble's novel, ZEROSCAPE, provides an engaging look at internal politics and security problems at the Los Alamos Laboratory. The characters are fascinating and the story moves along in such a way that it is difficult to stop reading."

Author of The Later Parliaments of Henry VIII

"Michael Gamble packs plenty of insider secrets and science into his dynamite debut techno-thriller ZEROSCAPE. On top of delivering a smart and satisfying read, Gamble takes on the question—what happens if the forces of nature rise up against humankind's most destructive technologies? Get ready for an all-night read!"

Bestselling author of Blowback and Dantes' Inferno

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Gamble dishes on ZEROSCAPE