Murder by Tango is a crisply paced revenge thriller, suffused with the sensuality of Argentine tango and grounded in the bedrock of ancient Hebrew history. Here Michael Gamble deftly coalesces disparate worlds and taps deep wellsprings of cultural passion.”

—HAMPTON SIDES, New York Times bestselling author of In the Kingdom of Ice

"More than just an engaging thriller, Murder by Tango entices the reader on a mytho-poetic journey. Dancing between the profane and the sacred, Michael Gamble juxtaposes tango and Judaica, revenge and love, all in the unfolding of the hero's archetypal quest for self-discovery. Imagine a blend of the best of Stieg Larsson, Joseph Campbell, S. Y. Abramovitch, and Robert Farris Thompson and you'll have a clue to the treat that awaits you here."

—MICHAEL J. GELB, International bestselling author of Creativity on Demand

Murder by Tango is like a symphony shot through with dark and gleaming melodies as Gamble observes human nature and frailty with compassion and humor. The depth of his knowledge on the sacred Hebrew relic the Aleppo Codex and Argentine tango is masterful. This novel is to tango what Moby Dick is to whaling—"

—MAESTRO JOESPH ILLICK, Principal Conductor,
Fort Worth Opera Company

Murder by Tango is a fast-paced story packed with meaning. A great read for thriller lovers, and a must-read for aficionados of tango and Judaica.”

—DAVID PADWA, author of Incident at Lukla

“Michael Gamble peels away the veneer that masks the difference between someone who dances Argentine tango and someone who embodies it. I will never again experience tango music in the same way. You're gonna love Murder by Tango!”

 —EDDIE DANIELS, Grammy Award Winner and Recipient of Le Grand Prix de l'Académie du Jazz 2014

“I love the world of behind-the-scenes tango that Mr. Gamble portrays. He captures that world beautifully. Miguel, Don Luis, and Chaz are strong characters. And the most important thing is … I want to know more."

 —CLIFFORD IRVING, #1 New York Times bestselling author

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Maestro Carlos Gavito and Marcela Durán
Zeroscape THE BOOK: LANL by Michael T. Gamble